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You can make it - Saturday taster

Are you running, or considering launching, a creative business?


Are you wondering how you could promote your business better?


Thinking about creating videos to promote your work?


Or would you like to use Instagram better to promote your work? 

What is happening on the Saturday? There are two tracks of talks and demos available for anyone with a Saturday Taster Ticket. The track called “MARKETING AND RUNNING YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS” is invaluable for anyone promoting and running a creative business - whatever industry you’re in.  The other track, “ADDING NEW TECHNIQUES TO YOUR JEWELLERY WORK”, will inspire you to extend your skills, and give you a chance to try out metal clay if you haven't done so already!

You also have access to the round-table tutor sessions, and the other evening happenings, including a great raffle, and shopping at the Maker's Market. 

Included in the Saturday Taster ticket:

  • Attend all day Saturday, 9am - 10pm

  • As many Demos & Talks you can squeeze in

  • Optional Art Clay Silver Clay taster session

  • Coffee/tea, Lunch and Dinner Saturday

  • Evening activities Saturday

  • Access to the shopping market

  • Goodie-bag

  • Accommodation and breakfast not included

Sessions to choose from;

Marketing and running a creative business

The presenters in this track is sharing some invaluable information for anyone wanting to promote and run a creative business - whatever industry you’re in.

Adding techniques to your jewellery work

The presenters in this track will inspire you, boost your mojo, and quite likely encourage you to try something new and extend your metal clay skills!

Tracey & Steve Spurgin

Jewellery Maker TV presenter, online course creator, and jewellery designer & international sales marketing and business development specialist

Husband and wife team Tracey and Steve are both highly experienced in their respective fields.

Tracey has written over 60 project tutorials for various jewellery and craft magazines and is now also a guest designer on Jewellery Maker TV. Steve is a Business Development and Marketing Support Consultant, with an excellent record of accomplishment in sales and marketing programmes for more than 30 years.

They'll be running two shared talk sessions;

  • Turn your hobby into a business - explore your options, and what you need to consider before turning your hobby into a small business. Not sure if you can do it? This session will give you a fabulous understanding of what is involved and some tips on how to do it successfully, and what pitfalls to avoid.

  • Marketing your craft business - without marketing your business will struggle. This is how you make sure you are found. In a saturated market this can be hard, join Tracey and Steve for some fabulous insight and advice.

Todd Lokash - Paragon Kilns

Kiln seminar

A group discussion about kilns from leading kiln manufacturer Paragon Kilns!


Todd has travelled all the way from Texas to be with us at this event. Come and chat about kilns whether you are a metal clay maker, ceramicist, or glass fusers. Todd will tell you a bit about Paragon, and how they've been leading manufacturers of kilns for a very long time. And bring your questions! If you've ever wondered what do I do when I see an error message, should it really look like this, why does it make that noise, or is it going to explode - then this is a great sessions for you!

Jessica Rose

Author and Founder of Jewellers Academy and the London Jewellery School.

Over the course of the past ten years Jessica has set up and run 5 different jewellery businesses, some more successful than others. In her time as a business owner and jewellery maker,  Jessica has had some amazing experiences : she met former UK prime minster David Cameron and told him all about metal clay! Saw over 20,000 students pass through the LJS, she wrote her own jewellery making book (Bead, Wire & Fashion Jewellery).

Jessica has won some amazing business awards like NatWest Everywoman Business Award, Professional Jeweller Hot 100,  HP Smart Business Award, Smarta 100 & more!

Jessica will hold two talks - both covering topics she knows inside out. This is a great opportunity to get insight from someone who really knows what they're talking about:

  • Using Instagram to market your jewellery business

  • Creating video content for your business - and she really knows what she is talking about!

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Grainne Reynolds

Owner of Times to Treasure

Grainne is the master of mirror finishing on silver! Her pieces are finished and polished beautifully. On Sturday morning she will demonstrate what tools and techniques are needed for you to add that extra sparkle to your silver.

Sulie Girardi

Owner of Vienna Impressions, Austria's largest source for rubber stamping and other crafting supplies

Sulie will show you her tricks for how to successfully embed bezels into silver clay so you can easily set unusually shaped stones, or stones which wouldn't survive firing.

Petra Cameron

Founder and main organiser of the 'You can make it’ event, tutor, and owner of Metal Clay Ltd.

Petra is demonstrating Keum-Boo; a great way to apply controlled gold designs, adding some warmth to your silver. 

Meropi Toumbas

Founder of Metal Clay Cyprus

Meropi will be showing her techniques for riveting, a great way to combine silver and other materials, like leather, polymer clay, acrylics or more. Use it to add colour, effects, or to add more designs to a plain piece!

Joy Funnell

Award winning metal clay and enamelling tutor, Craftsman of the Guild of Enamellers

On Saturday Joy will be exploring the Jool Tool -  the revolutionary bench-top power tool. It's a multi-functional sharpener, polisher, grinder and lapidary system, all in one. It uses industrial-grade 3M abrasives which are applied onto patented slotted discs which become translucent as they spin so you can see your creation take shape as you're working, in real-time.

Joy will show you how she uses this with her silver and glass work.

Leigh Armstrong

Magic Minx Productions, artist, tutor, and Hochanda TV presenter.

You might have seen Leigh on Hochanda TV. In this Saturday demo Leigh spills all her secrets on how to make your own professional quality moulds to use with metal clay (depending on your moulding material of choice, you can also cast other materials like polymer clay or resin, even chocolate!). Now you can replicate anything in silver!

Leigh Armstrong - Hands on session!

Have a go with silverclay taster session!

Never tried silver clay before? Art Clay Silver Clay is REAL fine silver, 99.9% but it comes in the form of clay, so can easily be shaped and designed with a minimal tool setup at home. This is your chance to have a quick taster session with Leigh. You'll spend an hour with Leigh, making a silver charm which will be polished and ready-to-wear at the end of the day, for you to take away and  (hopefully) proudly wear!

Leigh will also demonstrate how to torch fire silverclay, so you can easily continue exploring this fabulous material at home after the event.

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