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How do I plan what to do?

  1. Print out the class overview so you can see when sessions run
  2. Choose your masterclass (and a back-up in case they fill up fast)

  3. Choose two hands-on sessions (please choose different tutors for all booked sessions)

  4. Pick another two as back-ups in case your selected ones fill up quickly

  5. Look at the Demos & Talks to plan for when you're not in class

  6. Tickets are released 8 October - be quick to try to get the sessions you most want!

  7. Relax, get excited, and wait for full schedule detailing all the evening talks and activities!

Can't attend the whole weekend?

Have a look at our Saturday TasterTicket option.

YCMI 2020 Session overview pdf thumbnail

All full tickets include two hands-on sessions.
There are 17 amazing sessions to choose from - read about them all by clicking here.

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