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Shayna Bowles

Shayna is a jewellery maker, self-confessed fashion addict, and the Marketing Manager at Metal Clay Ltd.  She was born and raised in a tiny town in Northeast Nebraska and studied Fashion Design and Marketing at the Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida.


Out of college, Shayna dabbled in public relations and visual merchandising before discovering her passion for jewellery-making when she landed the role of Senior Product Designer for one of the US’ premier wholesalers of jewellery making supplies. During her 4 years in that role, she met her husband at a trade show here in England and eventually made a permanent leap across the pond!


Shayna was first introduced to the world of metal clay when she began working as the Marketing Assistant at Metal Clay Ltd. She’s been with the company for 2 years now and has since been promoted to Marketing Manager. When she’s not busy shouting about what a wonderful material metal clay is, she enjoys designing jewellery herself, testing new products, running the Metal Clay Makers program and teaching at Metal Clay Ltd’s studio. 


Shayna says: “Every day I learn something new about metal clay and it never ceases to amaze me! I feel so lucky to work amongst and learn from some of the most talented and inspiring jewellery artists.  My favourite part of my job is witnessing the magical ‘light bulb’ moment when someone hears about or works with metal clay for the first time.” 

Some of Shayna's work

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