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Corina Gheorghe

Corina's background lies in economical studies, but she has always worked in the artistic field. Her creative journey has led her through painting, sculpting, and graphic design, to modeling polymer and other clays.


In 2012, she discovered metal clay. It has provided her with the perfect medium to apply her technical experience and develop her own style. Corina enjoys learning and testing and is currently using metal clay along with traditional metalsmithing, enameling, and other mixed media.


As an artist, Corina likes creating complex pieces.  As a teacher, she dedicates time to make the whole creation process easier and comprehensible to her students. Corina has taught throughout Romania, Spain, and Belgium.


She is the founder and director of Argila De Metal, the main supplier of metal clay and tools in Romania. She is also the creator and organizer of an enthusiastic Community: Metal Clay Romania.


Find out more about Corina on her website, or on her Facebook page.

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