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Jessica Rose

Jessica is the founder of Jewellers Academy, and  the London Jewellery School.


After falling in love with jewellery and launching her own jewellery brand, she decided to share her knowledge with others.  Over the course of the past ten years Jessica has set up and run 5 different jewellery businesses, some more successful than others!

In her time as a business owner and jewellery maker,  Jessica has had some amazing experiences :

  • Meeting the former UK prime minster David Cameron and telling him all about metal clay! 

  • Founding the London Jewellery School which has seen over 20,000 students!

  • Writing her own jewellery making book (Bead, Wire & Fashion Jewellery) 

  • Winning some amazing business awards (NatWest Everywoman Business Award, Professional Jeweller Hot 100,  HP Smart Business Award, Smarta 100 & more) 

  • Teaching Robert Peston (ITV Journalist) how to make Cocktail Rings! 

  • Teaching metal clay on Create & Craft TV

  • Completing a mini-MBA for high-growth entrepreneurs.

As Jessica says about her business journey:

"I have certainly made my fair share of mistakes, but mostly learnt a lot along the way about jewellery and business and how they work best together." 

Jessica is now using her experience and knowledge gained to support and train budging jewellers. She mainly does that through Jewellers Academy, an online space for jewellers to get support, business guidance and by developing courses to help people grow and become the amazing jewellers they are!

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