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Julia Rai

Award winning artist, writer and teacher Julia Rai runs her own teaching studio in Cornwall, UK. She has been a passionate supporter of the metal clay community since discovering it in 2004 and continues to support metal clay artists in a number of ways. She’s on the board of the Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide (AMCAW) and is chair of the Curating for Excellence Committee. In this capacity, she oversees the AMCAW artist challenges and coordinated the collection of exceptional metal clay work for the 2020 calendar. She is also the director of the Metal Clay Academy, an online resource for everyone interested in metal clay.


She is a Senior Art Clay Instructor, has a Diploma in Art and Design and holds a range of metal clay qualifications as well as an adult education teaching qualification. Her work has been featured in numerous books, publications and exhibitions worldwide. She is a regular contributor of video classes available online through Craftcast and Jewellery School Online


Julia is the only person in the world to achieve Level V of the Metal Clay Masters Registry credential before it closed in June 2019. She wrote regularly for a number of magazines including Making Jewellery in the UK (which ceased publication in the Spring of 2019) and the international Metal Clay Artist Magazine which is now online at Creative Fire.


In 2017 Julia released her first book; Making Metal Clay Jewellery - a brilliant introduction to metal clay!

Julia Rai –


Some of Julia's work

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