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Leigh Armstrong

You might recognise Leigh's face. Or her brightly coloured hair. Yes, it is the lady off the telly! Leigh (or as we know her, Minxy) has been presenting metal clay on Hochanda on behalf of Metal Clay Ltd. 


After studying Fashion at College and spending quite a few years travelling the world as a very successful specialist in Credit Cards in Financial Services organisations, Leigh decided something was missing and that her creative needs were not being met. After seeing metal clay demonstrated in 2007 she knew this amazing material was going to form a big part of her future.

Leigh's company 'Magick Minx Productions' specialises in metal clay but in addition runs classes in paper crafting, polymer clay, and all manner of wonderful glittery crafting craziness!


As Leigh puts it: "I’ve been told that I am a typical Aquarian, known for being creative, quirky, impatient and generally someone who needs to keep life interesting in order for them to remain interested! All of this I would say is true about me, I am creative yet I don’t consider myself to be an Artist, I can be a bit of an odd ball and I am certainly VERY impatient, all of these things make working with Metal Clay & mixed media ideal for me, it is THE most fabulous material to work with. My days are now spent making gorgeous shiny stuff & teaching others to do the same, working in crafting certainly isn’t a chore, I’m a lucky girl!"

Some of Leigh's work

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