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Lena Wennberg

Lena has kindly offered to step in last-minute to teach the hands-on session: "How to sculpt faces in Polymer Clay" as Lis-el Crowley is not able to travel for health reasons.

Lena Wennberg is a Swedish artist, who works in many different materials and media. Not a day passes without Lena doing art - she paints, draws, sketches, embroiders, writes, and of course, sculpts. You will never find Lena without a sketch journal on her, where she captures what is happening around her. 

Lena spent 1982-1984 at Göteborg's TBV Konstskola where she got a great foundation in art, painting, sculpting and graphic media. Since then she has not stopped learning from lots of practice, shorter classes in anatomy and life drawing, and of course, in the last few years, YouTube. She gets bored quickly and loves the challenge of learning something new, meaning she is constantly challenging herself to grow as an artist. She loves to explore new materials and techniques. 

Lena firmly believes EVERYONE can be an artist - the only thing separating a non-artist from an artist is lessons and hours of practice, not talent! Lena is looking forward to introducing you to the joy of creating - there will be no failed faces in this class, just a relaxed creative space and new acquaintances that can be fine tuned!

"I never get tired of sculpting faces. They’re like landscapes for me, unknown places to explore. When I start to sculpt (or paint) a face, it’s always exciting, I never know who I am going to meet. All technique in the world won’t change that there is always room for the clay/paint to show me a new face I hadn’t imagined before. I love that, and let me material steer me where it wants to go, rather than where I want it to go!"

Some of Lena's work

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