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Pam East - Enamelling on silver

Join Pam for a day of enamelling. Pam will show you what you need to think about design-wise to create successful bases for enamelling. Learn about applying enamel, creating bright colours, achieving  graduated colours, and finish your enamel professionally.

During the day you'll learn about;

  • handling and construction techniques

  • metal and enamel preparation

  • dealing with colour reaction on silver

  • applying wet enamels

  • enamel firing

  • graduated shading techniques

  • finishing

Please note: due to time restraints, Pam will bring ready-made silver bases for you to enamel. 

Experience needed: Suitable for all levels

Session starts: Fri 9.00

Who is Pam? To find out more, click here
Please bring:

To be confirmed