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Petra Cameron

Petra Cameron is the driving force behind this conference, and the owner of Metal Clay Ltd. She is beyond-words excited about this event - gathering mad metal clay enthusiast in one spot, what could be better?!


Petra is originally from the west coast in Sweden, but has been living in England since 1998. Petra left an exciting career as an Events Manager  travelling the world for a marketing agency in London in 2003, to focus completely on becoming a mum and making jewellery. The making jewellery part very quickly evolved into Petra setting up "SilverClay"  to offer training courses in metal clay and in 2003 she was invited to become a UK distributor for Art Clay. SilverClay has since turned into Metal Clay Ltd, which is now one of the largest metal clay suppliers in Europe.

In 2004 Petra became one of the first Aida certified Art Clay Senior Instructors in the UK, trained directly by a Master Instructor from Aida in Japan. She is also a Certified PMC Artisan, and has been working with (and teaching) base metal clays since their launch. Petra is passionate about metal clay, and regularly shares her knowledge and experience through her website and newsletter, as well as occasional courses in her studio.


Petra organised the very successful Art Clay World EU Conference at West Dean College in September 2008 - the largest metal clay event to take place in Europe by then.


As she says herself:
"Jewellery making (in particular metal clay!) is a real passion for me. I LOVE metal clay! Having worked with it for over 13 years, I still think it is the most exciting thing there is. I hope to be able to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, for as long possible. I hope you enjoy this event as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!"

Some of Petra's work

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