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Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner is an award winning, primarily self-taught, full time artist, with a love for illustration and a fascination with world mythologies. 


Wanaree began her career in metal clay in 2008 and has remained at the forefront of innovation and technique development, producing a prolific collection of work as a professional artist. She has travelled extensively teaching those working processes and illuminating exciting new approaches to metal clay.  


 She is now part of Tanner /Tieken where she creates spectacular one-of-a-kind art jewellery. Her pieces begin as hand drafted drawings, and all the textures and forms that she works into the metal clay are her own. Wanaree recently released her own range of metal clay die cut tools and signature texture plates, sharing these textures and forms with the world. She has written articles for Metal Clay Today, Art Jewelry, and Metal Clay Artist Magazine, as well as authored two e-books on metal clay.

 Being from a multi-cultural backround, many of her pieces fuse elements from what may seem as vastly different sources, but the thread of commanlity of the human experience that fuels her creativity.


See Wanaree's work at  

Some of Wanaree's work

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