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Clement Marquaire Headshot.jpg

Clément Marquaire

Clément creates unique jewellery with designs inspired by Sacred geometry and Tibetan Mandala Art, through his jewellery brand Geometrically Stuck. All textures and patterns you see in his work are handmade by Clément. 

Clément Marquaire graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Metz, France, in 2005. He is, in his own words; “an insatiable creative, always looking for new modes of expression, eager to learn new techniques, eager to tame new subjects”.

His first stumbled into the world of jewellery making in northern India in 2014, where he had the chance to participate in several workshops where he learnt traditional silver jewellery making techniques. Clément immediately fell in love with jewellery making with its combination of artistic creativity, rigour, and manual work.

When Clément later followed the teachings of a Lama in Nepal, and was introduced him to Sacred Geometry and the art of Tangka and Tibetan Mandala painting, he was inspired. Once back in Europe, Clément started his own jewellery line, which combined these two disciplines. He created a unique jewellery range, modern and traditional at once.

Below are some examples of jewellery made using Clement's carving technique. 


Check out Clement's website to learn more!

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