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Lisel Crowley

We're pleased to say that Lisel has decided to join us again. Having presented at most (and organised several!)  metal clay events in the US, Lisel has a fantastic presenting experience.

For much of her life, Lisel Crowley has been devoted to personal growth, building community, and empowering individuals of all types through creative and personal development. 

An unabashed creativity addict, Lisel strives to continue to grow artistically and spiritually through all her activities and endeavours. Lisel has spoken and taught at several conferences in the US, including Metal Clay World Conference, Metal Clay by the Bay, and The Metal Clay Artist Symposium. She is also the creator and producer of Metal Clay Mojo. 


Lisel have published videos on the Cool Tools website, as well as Craft Cast. She's a founder and director of the Metalclay Artisan Guild in CT, and creator and organizer of the Metal Clay Mojo Conference

As Lisel says herself: "Creating and teaching are at the core of just about everything that I do. I find inspiration everywhere and enjoy the camaraderie and community that is built when people of like minds and spirits gather together. As an artist, I am constantly trying new media and finding new directions for exploration. As a teacher, I thrive on awakening the creative spark within people of all ages and backgrounds."

Unfortunately Lisel is not able to travel for health reasons, so will not be able to attend YCMI 2020.

Some of Lisel's work

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