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Joy Funnell - Enamelled Dish

Enamelled Dish in Hand_5b_edited.jpg

Have you always wanted to learn how to enamel? Do you want to create something colourful and fun? Then this is the perfect class for you - here's your chance to learn from one of the greats. As a Craftsman of the Guild of Enamelers Joy knows her enamel inside out, and her work is as vibrant and colourful as it is fun!

In this workshop you'll make your own unique little fine silver dish with little decorations and your choice of foot design (don't worry, Joy will cover a few different options, you're sure to like one of them). Of course you'll be decorating the backs of the dishes too, so they'll look great when picked up for inspection.

 After firing Joy will show you how to get a beautiful shine on your silver, and once polished you'll have some fun playing with colours, as you enamel the little dish using Japanese enamels. You'll learn how to achieve bright vivid colours, how to ensure your enamel work is of the highest quality, and how to finish your enamelled silver.

Joy's enamel work is instantly recognisable and of the highest finish. This class is a great opportunity to learn from Joy's experience, which has been gained from years of designing, making, and selling enamelled jewellery.

Experience needed: Intermediate

Who is Joy? Get to know her a little better by clicking here

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