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Grainne Reynolds - Cathedral Window Pendant


Unfortunately Lisel is not able to travel for health reasons, so Grainne Reynolds will now be teaching this class.
Cathedral Window White.JPEG

In this Cathedral Window Pendant masterclass with Grainne, you won’t just make a statement pendant; whilst creating your pendant you’ll also learn about setting and firing glass with silver clay - a fantastic way to add colour, sparkle, and something little extra to your jewellery.

Glass comes in a variety of colours, shapes and textures. It is a wonderful media to mix with metal clay because it can be fired in place. This means you can create your design in one step, without having to solder bezels or set stones after firing.

You can also use this technique for firing stones in place, including cubic zirconias and some natural gemstones including labradorite and moonstone.


The pendant is textured on both sides, and you’ll learn about embellishments like coils and balls and more. The techniques you learn in this class are easily transferable to many other projects and is a great way to add a new look to your jewellery designs.

Experience needed: Ideal for beginners   -   Session starts: Fri 9.00

Get to know a little more about Grainne here.

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