Lis-el Crowley - Scratchfoam Hinged Earrings

Create your own unique scratchfoam design to pattern these earrings, which will incorporate hinges for movement, and a cubic zirconia for some sparkle.

Mechanics and movement are design elements that can add excitement and variety to your work. However, sometimes it is intimidating to attempt for the first time. Lis-el has developed a new approach to making hinges that is far simpler than many of the techniques being used in metal clay at this time. Using hinges in these earrings will lay the foundation for you to begin incorporating them into your work in your own unique way.

Li-sel will also show you how to use scratch foam to create your own designs, and how to set small faceted stones which will be fired in place.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Initial design of piece including hinge and stone placement

  • Best practices for setting and firing small faceted gemstones

  • Best practices for using scratch foam to create your own textures

  • Creating and attaching hinge knuckles

  • Firing, finishing and assembling the earrings, including creating hinge pins and ear wires out of sterling silver wire.

Experience needed: Intermediate

Session starts: Fri 9.00

Who is Lis-el? To find out more, click here

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