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Aprons available!

I hope you love these aprons as much as I do. There's just something about orange and turquoisey/teal - they're colours that make me happy! Turquoise

You can pre-order the 'You can make it' apron for only £9.95 (pretty much cost price). To buy the apron at the event will be £12.95.

It comes in a dark grey (ideal colour for messy metal clay workers!), with the 'You can make it logo' on the chest in bright orange and teal. The apron is made in a polyester/cotton twill mix, and have a large pocket on the front. The pocket is perfect to pop your phone or pen and paper in, ideal for making notes whilst working.

It's a one-size apron, 86 cm long and 72 cm wide, with 90 cm long ties to go around the waist and an adjustable neck strap. It can be washed at 60C.

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