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Carol's Sea Creatures class

Are you taking Carol's full day masterclass? Then you can look forward to learning hand building and sculpting, as well as slip painting techniques. When you leave, we think you will be viewing your old dried-up bits of clay, paste and sandings as very treasured tools, just waiting to be used to explore your creativity. But - to get the most out of this class, you need to bring some stuff so you have something to work with: old dry clay bits, pieces you made but never fired because you didn't like them, dust, shaving, sanding bits, dry paste, and so on; so you have stuff to play with. So please, go and raid your studio cupboard and don't forget to pack any dusty looking silvery treasures you can find! You will be provided with a pre-prepared 20gm silver blank to work with, as well as fresh silver clay to build your design, but you will need some dry stuff to work with too. PS - we will also have some enamel available if you want to play with colour!

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