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WOW! That was AMAZING!

What a weekend we had! I knew we would have fun, but the reality just blew all my expectations out of the water. It really was like getting together with family and friends, the best of friends! We giggled and laughed, created and inspired, swapped charms and techniques, learnt loads, and made many new friends. "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, the best weekend ever" "I've been to lots of metal clay conferences but this one stood out for me for the warmth and enthusiasm of the delegates" "It was just magical, everyone was so welcoming and friendly" "When I left I felt like I'd walked back through the door from Narnia!" "I learnt so much and made so many new friends, and was still buzzing when I got home" These are just a few of the comments from some of the attendees. I think the photos from the event speak for themselves...

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