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A big thank you to our fabulous event partners

As an Art Clay distributor Petra approached Aida Chemicals (the manufacturer of Art Clay) to ask if they would provide the materials required for many of the workshops and gifts for the raffle. Now, for an event of this size, that is A LOT of silver, enamel, 24ct gold foil, wires, and copper. Not only did they generously offer to do so, they also committed to sending 2 of their team members to join us for the weekend. We welcome Dice Minagawa and Etsuko Nakayama from Art Clay, Aida Chemical Industries. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Art Clay
Metal Clay Ltd

Metal Clay Ltd have organised, underwritten, and is your host for the event. They’re also sponsoring the goodie bag, raffle, additional materials, and equipment for many of the workshops. Without the entire team beavering away for at least six months in the run-up to the event (some very much behind the scenes), this event would NOT be able to take place. Thank you for working above and beyond; Petra, Stuart, Jade, Mhairi, Mandy, Liz, Sophie, and Rosie.

Thank you to our Senior Sponsors:


 Paragon Kilns have generously provided us with FOUR brand new kilns to be used at the event; two SC2 Professional and two Turquoise SC2, and offered us a generous discount on the remaining kilns we needed buy to keep the tutors with the equipment they need. One of the SC2 Professional kilns will be a fantastic prize in the raffle, make sure you get a ticket or 3. With two kilns being raffled away, the odds are very favourable!

And - we will be selling some of the kilns at a discounted rate, ready to be taken away at the end of the event! If you're interested in taking one of them home with you, email

0Our generous Contributors…

The companies below have either provided materials for use in the classes at the event, gifts for the raffle, or, treats for the goodie bag, and in some cases all of those things! Our huge thanks go to them all for helping us provide you with such a fantastic goodie bag and amazing charity raffle! We love you!

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