Book your ticket and  sessions

We recommend you fill in this form on a computer rather than a mobile or tablet as it will be much easier for you. Here are some pointers we ask you to take into account.

  • A separate form must be filled in for each person who is attending the event and joining us for classes. Make sure you have read about the different ticket options and what is included here.

  • We want to make sure everyone attending gets a chance to actually make something. To do this, you can choose a maximum of two hands-on sessions (a masterclass does not count towards this). 

  • To share the love and access to tutors across the masterclasses and hands-on sessions, we ask you to not choose the same instructor twice for these. Our booking system will not stop you doing this, but we ask you not to try, as your booking will be on hold and we will have to move you to another which may not have been your second choice! 

  • All sessions are allocated on a first come-first served basis. We reserve the right to move you to another session, if a session becomes overbookedEven though this form should keep track of rooms and session spaces available, we all know technology does strange things sometimes! Please keep this in mind if we need to contact you about your booking.