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Carol Douglas - Owl

Carol has developed this project with both beginners to metal clay and the very advanced practitioner in mind.


The owl can be a basic articulated template piece using jump rings or, if you're a experienced metal clay user you can create advanced integral joints. The finish can also be adapted, so for a beginner it will be texture basic, and for a more advanced maker it can be extended in to slip trailing and painting, as well as sculpting and carving.

During this inspiring day you will learn some hand building and sculpting techniques to bring features and character to your owl You will flesh out your shape using slip painting techniques. You will be given hints and tips on using your old dried up bits of clay, paste and sandings to create beautiful lifelike effects. Carol will demonstrate different ways in creating the eyes.

Every finished project will end up as a unique take on the basic design.

Experience needed: Beginner to very advanced - the project can be adjusted to your skillset

Session starts: Fri 9.00

Who is Carol? To find out more, click here
Please bring:

Apart from your standard metal clay kit, you will need the following tools for Carol's class:

  • 2 x 2mm-5mm size fireable stones, cz's, glass cabs, fireable ready made bezel with matching stone cabs, or use metal clay left over from the make for the centre of the eyes

  • 4-6 jump rings - or - 10cm of 999 silver wire ( suitable strength and thickness to suspend parts of the owl)

  • Ready made or bought bail ( optional)

  • Sharp scissors for cutting small templates

  • Sharp and fine needle tool

  • Scalpel or similar

  • 2x fine paint brushes

  • Tiny water pot

  • 10 personally identifiable playing cards or similar

  • Hammer and anvil type block (optional)

  • Favourite small depth and pattern texture mat(optional)