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Clément Marquaire - Copper Bowl

COPPER BOWL_square.jpg

Work with Clément to make ​your very own little copper bowl. Clément Marquaire is known for his stunning mandala and sacred geometric jewellery. Recently he has been exploring base metal clay bowl making.

Your bowl will be perfect for storing trinkets or jewellery, herbs in the kitchen,  as a table salt pot, or just display it as the little piece of decorative art it is! It'll be about 8cm across, perfect size for so many things. 


Whether you choose to add a texture or pattern, or just leaving the bowl plain, the copper surface itself is simply gorgeous and very tactile - these bowls invite you to pick them up for a closer look and feel!

You'll learn about forming, working with base metal clay, refining and repairing before firing. Clément will show you how to do his own bark texture. You'll get to use the technique, either by applying it to your bowl or to a small texture sample piece. You'll learn how to give your fired bowl a stunning polished finish inside with an oxidised outside to highlight any texture or pattern. Clément will also show you how to use tools he has designed to make bowl making a little easier.

Who is Clément? Click here to learn more about him.

Experience needed: Intermediate

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