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Meropi Toumbas - Bangle with Glass


Meropi Toumbas Bangle with Glass 5.jpg

Surely we all need a bangle in our jewellery box? In this masterclass you'll learn a whole range of useful techniques, whilst making a beautiful piece of jewellery we're sure you're going to want to wear a lot!

In this session, which will be Meropi's first class in the UK (Welcome!) you will learn how to make a hollow hinged bracelet decorated with glass will learn from this class how to make a hollow bracelet combining a variety of skills and techniques in one project. Creating a hollow tube using art clay to create a bracelet is not widely used, so maybe this is the class for you to explore a new technique?

This class will teach you some incredibly useful techniques, like how to:

  • create tubes with art clay silver

  • safely fire and bend tubes to form the bangle

  • attach decorative endings to the tubes

  • make a clasp

  • make rivets the easy way (takes a few minutes!)

  • set a glass cabochon and fire it safely

  • attach the glass on the tubes

  • solder a small piece of silver


The glass bead is formed with a technique that prevents the breaking of the bead in the kiln (as a result of shrinkage), plus it is formed very economically using a very small amount of silver paste. This technique can be applied to other projects where you want to add a glass decoration.

Experience needed: Some metal clay experience needed  - Session starts: Fri 9.00

Who is Meropi? Get to know her a little better by clicking here

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