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The masterclasses run on Friday 13 March, starting at 9.00. We have seven absolutely fabulous tutors and sessions to choose from!  Scroll through the slideshow below to see what is available, and click through to read more.

Anna Mazon - Treasured trees

Carol Douglas - Articulated Owl

Jin Matsushita - Double-decker Pendant

Joy Funnell - Joyful Whistles!

Lis-El Crowley - Hinged Earrings 

Pam East - Enamelling on Silver

Tracey Spurgin - New Mokume Gane

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Anna Mazon

Treasured trees

Use techniques from Anna's various tree themed jewellery to create a three-dimensional silver tree.

Play with shapes of the branches, make some tree holes, learn how to make believable bark texture.

All that without using any moulds - just a few basic tools and your imagination.

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